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How Skillagora was born

Our history

"90% of knowledge is acquired through experience and those around us. And only 10% through conventional training".

The genesis of Skillagora

Skillagora is a solution developed by BeTomorrow, a French technology & innovation agency with a 20-year track record of supporting companies in their high-stakes digital innovation projects.

Like many companies, we needed to rapidly upgrade the skills of our employees, to capture their needs and engage them in this dynamic of continuous learning.

After 3 years of innovation research and co-construction of functionalities with organizations of all sectors and sizes, we started using the solution internally.
We opened Skillagora to the market at the beginning of 2023 for every organization wishing to develop its teams' skills, capitalize on its knowledge while strengthening the commitment and spirit of the collective.

Our vision: An active skills organization's comes from regular collective sharing sessions.

Skillagora is a new-generation hybrid solution inspired by agile best practices.
"Prioritize peer-to-peer encounters and interactions over tools and processes".
Skillagora delivers rapid value thanks to the positive impact of iteration and experimentation
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An all-in-one tool

Over the last few decades, many companies have accumulated a large number of tools for dispersing knowledge, groups and interactions.

Skillagora centralizes the essentials for creating a knowledge-sharing culture in a very simple, ergonomic tool. Your agora allows you to centralize, but above all to animate and engage the community!

In-house training

Peer-to-peer skill sharing
Organic knowledge management
Facilitating collective intelligence
"We continue to innovate and transform the way companies approach training, enabling our partners to remain agile and responsive in an ever-changing world."

Major advantages

Make Skillagora your everyday tool for supporting your employees and accelerating knowledge sharing.

Available at the right time, quickly practicable #In the Flow of Work
Collective commitment
Greater efficiency and productivity
Unleashing everyone's potential
Increasing the flow of skills
Fulfillment and well-being at work

your agora

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