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Adapt Skillagora to your needs

One solution, many uses

Skillagora has been designed to adapt to many different uses: whether you are a training manager, L&D manager, team manager, subsidiary manager, knowledge manager... 
Questions to ask yourself to determine your use of Skillagora

Do you lead an internal team or a community outside your organization?


Do you want a single space for all or dedicated spaces for each team?


Is any information confidential?


Do you need a long-term or short-term solution for an event?

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If you are looking for a solution to boost your organization's community of learners, there are several options available and cumulative :
Create a general agora open to all
Create one or more agoras specific to each business team


If you are an organization in permanent contact with an ecosystem of partners or if you simply want to animate your network :
Create an agora for your community


Above all, you are looking for a solution to prepare, lead and capitalize on the exchanges that will take place during an event :
Discover our EVENT offer
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Save knowledge and practices by simplifying skills sharing for your field and mobile operators


Share best practices and peer-to-peer exchanges for your franchisee and store networks


Share best practices within and between departments and structures for the public sector, local authorities and ministries


Reduce external training costs by sharing knowledge and pooling requests

Your most frequently asked questions

I already have a training tool. What is the use of Skillagora ?
What types of content can I create?
Can I manage several agoras with my account?
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